Principal: Stephen Challis M.Sc. (Adv. Chem. Eng.), DIC, M.I.Chem.E., C.Eng


Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC/FCC) is a key refining process unit for upgrading heavy oil to lighter, more valuable components. A safe, reliable and optimised operation is always an objective of the refiner to maximise profitability. Chalcat Consulting Ltd. offers Technical Operational Support for RFCC/FCC units by providing the services of a RFCC/FCC process expert covering the general areas summarized below.

RFCC/FCC Technical Operational Support services


The Principal previously worked for ExxonMobil Engineering Europe Ltd. in the U.K. as a RFCC/FCC process specialist for more than 20 years. In total, he has accumulated over 30 years’ experience supporting RFCC/FCC's, both with ExxonMobil and then by acting as an independent expert offering Technical Operational Support services to refiners in the EMEA region. This long experience has encompassed the following RFCC/FCC activities:

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